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Wellness Goals and Dreams

Hello beautiful goddesses!  Today's Love-Your-Life™ lesson is Wellness Goals and Dreams...WonderSpirit goddess-style for divinely creative, inspired, feminine, artsy, and those curvy, not-so-good-at-straight-lines-and-boxes types.  Here's an intro for a taste.  Have a delight-filled day!  - Anne LOVE-YOUR-LIFE...    Wellness, Goals and Dreams Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints… Continue reading Wellness Goals and Dreams

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Success-Set-up Saturday

Good morning gorgeous everyday goddess! 2013 is one week in already!  NEW Year, New STORY... Possibilities are WIDE OPEN.  Our Success--AND SPIRIT--need SUPPORT to Maintain Momentum and Motivation.  We ALL do! You've got a great start.  You made your plan; downloaded and PLAYED WITH your Full-Color, delightful 2013 Create Your INCREDIBLE BUSINESS and LIFE Workbook… Continue reading Success-Set-up Saturday

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Start-Your-New-Story Saturday 2013

Hello beautiful goddesses! I'm hosting my first Start-Your-New-Story Saturday January 5, so lovely earth angel goddesses like ourselves get to do exactly what we've promised ourselves every year...  spend a day just for us, creating and planning the year ahead...together! Amazing and awesome goddess Leoni Dawson has put together two BEAUTIFUL, inspiring, FUN and COLORFUL… Continue reading Start-Your-New-Story Saturday 2013