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Hello amazing goddesses!SAMSUNG
Some subtle energy shifting changes are going on.  I know we are evolving, becoming more internal-guided and aware of intuitive direction.   We’re becoming more present in our feminine spirit and body, and her softer and subtle sensing ways of operating, knowing, connecting.
I am leaning more toward BEing than DOing.  And not planning as much….or writing as much lately either.  (It feels good to be writing now, though!)
I have found that when I push and plan and do, it doesn’t turn out as well as when I follow the muse, respond, and allow and PLAY.  … which is totally counter to basic business principles and societal messages in general…and can be a little disconcerting.  And yet, I don’t get to skip the planning and doing… they just happen after an invitation or a request or a prompting of the heart.
For me, it’s soul workThe lesson:  Manipulation does not work; and doing it all alone doesn’t either.  Everything I do has to come from my heart and be true to who I am and what I love and what my soul came here to learn and do and be.  I cannot take shortcuts or fool the divine or miss the sacred contracts I came here to participate in.  All that has my name on it, from a spiritual perspective, is mine to fulfill.  And the other lesson is that I need to trust and know that I am and will continue to be fully supported and blessed in every way I desire and need…including the financial and material needs of this physical world, as well as the spiritual.
Like I said, soul work.  That dance of honoring the journey, ourselves (myself), internal guidance, and our real work here, asking for what we desire, and trusting it will be provided.  What helps?  Nature’s examples: Birds, butterflies, trees and flowers in full bloom after winter; Looking back at all that’s happened and been provided on this path so far; Taking note of the miracles that happen every day and remembering that experiences and support come in many forms; Keeping in touch with my spirit, Source, and others who help me do that, including each of you.  It is in BEing all of who I am that brings the rest into place.  Puzzle pieces…each one a perfect fit and necessary to the joyful, delightful, interesting, creative, dynamic big picture that is my life here.
Last month’s Goddess circle, muse and magnificence call was on Wallowing in our desires.…identifying what we desire and savoring it.  The heart has powerful, attracting energy.  What we desire from our heart has a way of coming to us.  I desired to see the Pacific Ocean and giant redwoods some day.
Last week, I found myself on a cross-country road trip from Wisconsin to California by truck, arriving in time for a side trip to the ocean and to the redwoods.  Such incredible beauty and blessing and grace…and confirmation.  What we desire from our heart, we bring to us…very quickly
The soul work in all this is so many-layered.
Last summer, I held a Monday Morning Beach Series.  I’m holding another one this year...by request.  The dates are Monday mornings, June 17 through July 29, 9:30 – 11 am at a picnic table at the beach by Brewers Two-Pewaukee.  This year’s conversation resource will be Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd.  The goddess journeys we’re on are soul work.  A conversation resource gives us a common starting place.  I know from last year that the actual conversations and connections and support experiences go way beyond.
More coming soon.  For now, Save the Dates and check out the reference resource.
I so marvel at the flow and unfolding of happenings that feed and fuel my energy–people, places, experiences, synchronicities.  I hope you are also feeling and experiencing those kinds of moments, connections, support, and love.  I know I love that you and all the blessing you bring by being you are part of this.  You are loved and beautiful and appreciated.  Look forward to connecting on tonight’s goddess call.  – Anne

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