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I’m pleased to share that I can now add ‘eBook editor and publisher’ to my accomplishments.  Volume I of a five-volume series is now available on Kindle (Amazon.com) and in many other digital formats  (Smashwords.com).  And I am truly excited about the book, the author, and the ‘work’ and blessing these books will be.
Putting Herself Together Again: Escaping her Dungeon of Despair is a good read, especially if your despair is about money, financial woes, a life falling apart.
Ruth Theobald Probst never intended to be an author.  The story came from a dream–and she was compelled to write it.  People have long been given messages, solutions to problems, divine guidance and insights through dreams.  And if these dreams stay with us and we are compelled to write them ….  Well, read the descriptions here and decide for yourself.
All I can tell you is that it has been, and is, a sincere privilege to be part of bringing these volumes to you and all who will continue to benefit from them.
Ruth calls her style of writing Intention Fiction, and you can learn more about her and her works-in-process at LifeMark Press.  There’s a free gift waiting for you there.  And do get yourself a copy of Putting Herself Together: Escaping her Dungeon of Despair.
I love Ruth, and her work, and her LifeMark tagline too:  “Your Life Leaves a Mark–Make it BRILLIANT!”
Talk about inspiration and a front-row seat to its manifestation and unfolding!
Have a beautiful day.  Enjoy and love your life! – Anne