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Full-moon Holy-Saturday Greatness-Growing retreat …maybe more fitting …

Didn’t plan it that way.  Holy Saturday wasn’t on my radar; somehow thought Easter was the following weekend.  I should have known, though.  The very reason Easter jumps around so much is because it’s always the Sunday following the first full moon of Spring–and this year, that happens Saturday, April 4.

When Christianity ‘re-purposed’ nature-based spiritual practices of cultures they ‘took over,’ Easter (Eastre) held its place on Nature’s calendar.

The origins of Easter are rooted in European traditions. The name Easter comes from a pagan figure called Eastre (or Eostre) who was celebrated as the goddess of spring by the Saxons of Northern Europe. A festival called Eastre was held during the spring equinox by these people to honor her. (

Spring is certainly cause for celebration after grey barrenness of winter.  Green sprouts coming out of what looked ‘dead’ … a powerful reminder of our growing ability…and natural process of it’s happening…even when things appear otherwise…

My roots are both Catholic and Nature; I grew up on a farm and went to church every Sunday.  And then I followed my heart into church work…religious studies, youth ministry, and teaching in parish work.

And then it didn’t work for me anymore….Nature celebrated and spoke of women in a way church didn’t… and in the end, it hurt more to stay than it did to leave.  What I heard in church supported cruelty to women.  I heard it; they were oblivious–or it was intentional–and either way, my spirit had to find a place where it was celebrated and inspired to grow its greatness.  I was growing–Nature’s way…like new sprouts of Spring after a dormant Winter.

Holy Week is heavy.  And churches teach that it’s all our fault! … and go back to the garden, and Eve!  Is it any wonder women have guilt issues?

The same stories are repeated–graphically–each year.  A symbol of cruelty and torture Is held up as representing a way of life to be emulated.  Is it any wonder that violence continues in our societies?  And most at the hands of religious activists.

My Holy Saturday Women’s Writing and Grow-Your-Greatness Retreat

Is your spirit growing?  In need of a place where it is celebrated and inspired to grow its greatness?  Maybe Saturday is exactly what you’re looking for.  You will have a safe and sacred space, to re-story and write and speak of our growing, in a circle of spirit-freeing women.   More / Register  butterfly3

And where did I end up?  Intentionally independent and continuing to grow…  Life is a sacred dance my soul said Yes to living ….directly connected, knowing, open, being present and available, of service to women of spirit wounded by or losing their religion and needing her-stories / community / places that celebrate their feminine spirit... stones w goddess

And my chosen symbols of spirit and faith: hearts and butterflies… (and white seagulls show up a lot too; and doves are in there too… okay, Nature and all her Majesty and beauty. … Wonder and Awe – Spirit …)

Holy Saturday writing and re-storying?  Are you wanting to do some of your own?  Join me.  (ample free parking, easy-to-find, beautiful energy, freedom to find and tell your own re-story)

Blessings…and love who you are growing into…  ??????? retreat and re-story…and relax.  – Anne

Leaning-in soul fuel 2015

Hello gorgeous goddesses!

I am truly appreciating gathering-with-goddesses with goddess Leoni’s  2015 Shiny Life and Biz Planner!  Saturday’s was amazing. … very personal soul sharing with soul sisters… we will do more of this new year weaving and playing together…550x381_V2 Saturday …

when these 2015 creative goddess planner days continue – Jan 2 and 3 …  Join me, or for sure download your own Shiny Life or Biz Planner and PLAYfully create, imagine, delight…  Completely fill-able on your tablet or computer, or print it!

Caution, some are not ready for such a playful, colorful, art-spirit-and-wisdom-infused approach to life and biz planning.  This is not your corporate 3-piece-suit, spreadsheets and bullet-points tool.  Creative, artful, personal quiet time is uncomfortable for some…  All good; we all have preferences.

If you are though, and a soothing space to work in company with others, gather thoughts, write and imagine sounds heavenly, give yourself this delightful gift!  And write it off as a biz expense if you want, too; there is solid biz sense in these pages….

Traveling at the Speed of Love.  … is another leaning-in, soul-fuel, spirit-feeding resource for 20Traveling at the Speed of Love15 transforming, emerging, awakening goddesses and spirit-energy-conscious life travelersWe know we are in new times.

Flowing with this co-creative energy is what 2015 is calling forth, compelling from us.  Co-creating ourselves, together, with others; no more hiding out who we are…  We get it… or are starting to.

Something BIG, profoundly personal, shook up our deepest parts these past few years–for one purpose: to awaken our souls and propel us to see life differently; to understand more about who we are–beautiful and powerful souls–here do good and great things, work from within with our name on it!  No more hiding…  And we know it…  soul work…and private lessons, people.   Perfect for growing, delighting, our souls…   Traveling at the Speed of Love is supporting fuel…

Getting Into the Vortex Guided Meditations … and music to rest in and remind us …  And maybe short notes in your inbox each day or week.  Lot’s of sources.  Find ones that inspire and feed your spirit.  These are some of mine…  There are many more.  For now, begin somewhere.

Lean into this new year; feed and fuel your soul, mind, body, spirit with inspiring, heart-delighting, personally affirming and empowering, life-energizing food.

And maybe add coming together with co-creative sister goddesses to your soul-fueling-and-spirit-supporting practices this new year.

All cooperative components are being assembled.  – Abraham

The vehicle that takes us where we want to go is not always our own.  – Anne Wondra

Much love, Blessing, happiness, and wonderful co-creating and soul-satisfying connecting magic and joy to each of you.  We have great work to do together… – Anne

Do you like you?

Sharing music tonight, a song I heard tonight on the way home.  One of those that sticks with you, and one worth listening closely to.  Enjoy beautiful goddesses… – Anne

You don’t have to try so hard… you don’t have to give it all away…  Do you like you…  I like you…

Wisewomen Speak

Sunday morning creative time, Halleluja song in the background, coffee mug warms my hands, and inspiration streams in.  ‘Wisewomen speak’ comes in… Oprah Winfrey, and others less known… cultural creatives all around … and what I know for sure is that many more wisewomen are speaking, writing, and in the wings to be called and invited forth.  a spirit of wisdom shared…modern-day speaking in ‘tongues’…those of wisewomen speaking what she knows for sure, in everyday places and spaces of grace…

Who are those wisewomen who speak words that soothe your soul and inspire your life?

You are blessed and blessing…and one of those wisewomen…

Anne Wondra – Coffeehouse soul coach and muse.

PS  Two Wisewomen will be speaking, I’ll be hosting them at Kindred Spirit Center, October 1 and October 15.  You’ll want to be there!  More to come.  Reserve Your Place nowSome good inspired reading

We are all connected and connecting and it’s all good.  I know this for sure too.

What I know for Sure kdl

Always be reading something that inspires you.


Engagement cardHello goddesses!

Another Women & Wisdom Card Reading Day here at Kindred Spirit Center.  We  pulled a card for you from Linda’s new Romance Angels Oracle deck.  The card that fell is Engagement.

Additional Message:

Your love life is ascending to a higher level of commitment.

Congratulations!  this card signals pending nuptials, beginning with a romantic engagement.  Even if you’re not presently in a relationship, the Romance Angels can see one upon your horizon.

This card comes to you as reassurance–specifically so that you’ll choose to release any worries about whether you’ll get married…because you will.    Deep romantic love, in which you feel treasured, is “in the cards” for you.

The deeper meaning of this card relates to commitment.  First, you commit to taking care of yourself.  You establish boundaries about what you will and won’t accept in your relationships and in other life areas, such as career, home, lifestyle, and so on.  Next, you honor your self-commitment by taking decisive action and telling others how you truthfully feel about their behavior.

As you commit to yourself, the universe sends you additional experiences of loving commitment, including the promise of marriage.

A couple of you, in particular, came to mind….and I trust you will see this and know it’s for you.  (I’m doing a happy dance and smiling for you anyway!)

Lots of other decks and cards for the rest of you too.  Call or stop in.  You’ll love it!  (We’re having fun! …so are the others that stopped in.)

– Goddesses Anne and Linda, at your service.   Enjoy your day.   🙂

The Journey

There’s a reflective CD I have called The Journey that I take along when I travel and listen to sometimes.  I love the music running through it, and I love the words and dialog in it.  They inspire me and touch me.  Some I took note of in my quiet time this morning:

Words are the least reliable purveyor of truth.

We never do die.  We just change form.  You are an eternal being.

You are such a messenger.  This is god work we’re up to, you and I.

The work of the soul is to wake itself up; the work of god is to wake everyone else up.

Years ago, Neale Donald Walsch wrote a series of books called Conversations with God.  The quotes above and the Journey CD are from those.  Reading the conversations books was part of my journey.  It’s one of the places I tested my Seeker’s Toolkit™.  (It worked beautifully!)

The class with the toolkit is coming up on October 24 (as a teleconference).  It’s one of my favorite and most amazing Love-Your-Life lessons and tools.  And The Journey CD would be good in the background of a personal retreat.

Love and light and blessed journeying.- Anne

Soulful days


Laura Angel

She graced my life for thirty-six years.  And now she’s gone.  I didn’t know her hug on July 9 would have to last a lifetime. My sweet, beautiful, wonderful, only sister, Laura.

I’m the first of eight siblings.  Laura was the eighth, and there are six brothers in between us.  Losing any of my siblings would be hard.  This one, though, is especially so.  It has been a soulful time these past few weeks.

At first there was hope, then not so much.

On the physical side, she was in the best possible place she could be and had the best surgeon and medical team she could possibly have.

On the spiritual side, there were Archangels, powerful healers, and the Master…and grandma…all with her, working on her.

On the human side, there were literally hundreds from all faiths and traditions sending love, prayers, and healing.

And even with ALL that POWERFUL healing energy, know-how and support, it was not enough to restore Laura on this earthly, bodily plane.

So what is the purpose and role of prayer?  of sending love?  of sending blessing?   Does it affect or help the person we’re praying for?  Or is it more for our benefit, our growth?  Or both?

Love and pain open the heart and soul.  There is no greater teacher or catalyst than our experience.  There are also no shortcuts if that is what’s required of us.  Tears are cleansing, emotional clearing, and cathartic.

Sometimes hard things happen…painful, personal, tearful things that cause us to re-examine and question long-held beliefs…   And those common things people say when something like this happens, some of them just don’t work or feel good, or right anymore.

Soulful days are bringing up different awareness, questions, possibilities–about our souls and spirits and bodies, about our relationship with our divine Source, our life purpose and the roles we play–and how much choice and participation we play in all the unfoldings in this life and on the other side.

When all our love and prayers and powerful healers on both physical and spiritual planes still ended in Laura’s passing, there had and has to be  something greater and more compelling and powerful at play…as in Sacred Contracts, life purpose, the work her soul came here to do.

I researched and wrote a paper on reincarnation once.  Here’s what I learned.  We have two bodies; a physical one and a spirit one.  The spirit one is eternal ; the physical ones are the forms we take, our vehicles, through our earthly lifetimes.  Before we’re born, we come with a purpose and a plan and we choose elements of our lifetime.  We don’t remember these when we’re born…except that we have an internal guidance system, a direct connection to our Source, and we are guided and led and learn.  These physical lifetimes are where we grow spiritually, where we evolve.  We also come with others we’ve known before in other lifetimes.  And we have guides.  Some are people we’ve known here who have crossed over….  Like Laura…

The song playing when she transitioned: I’m Your Angel

I know she’s fine.  It still hurts on this human side, though.  Sometimes, the tears just flow and I let them.  And then I’m okay again…for awhile.

One more clarifying shift came to me in this:  A friend kept saying,  ‘God did this and has his reasons.’  And I found myself saying, ‘Laura did this; it was and is part of her soul’s work here and on the other side, and in the lives of all those she touched.’  If we are co-creators of our lives, then the Divine Sacred, Mother of Compassion and Love, is not one who does stuff to us and has her reasons.  On a soul level, we are part of the choices and outcomes.  Our Spirit is always part of and connected to our Divine Source.

There will be more coming on that, I think.  It feels like there’s more.  That piece, though, that we own our lives and have choices, always, lifted, opened, felt good, released, connected something that felt ajar.

These are still soulful days…and they will be for a while.  In the breaking open of hearts, with love and tears, growth happens, change happens…we deepen, I deepen.

I know that I love my sister so much.  And I know that if she were here living her earthly life, and had a dream or a desire to go somewhere and help a lot of people, doing what she loves, being all of her awesomeness self, I would love her and wholeheartedly be in her corner.   And I am…even though I miss her voice and hugs and all the other sister stuff.

Everyday goddesses are not spared tears and human hurts.  Whatever our path, we grow through our heart and love connections.  And that’s what I know for now.  Hug those you love.

Enjoy the moments.   – Anne

PS  For myself and others going through soulful days, searching, asking soulful questions, self-exploring, I drafted a Tuesday Grace Groups opportunity for some conversations of substance.  I look forward to opening a group when the time comes.  Take care.

Welcome Everyday Goddesses

This is a community site to connect, empower, promote, and inspire women who have discovered the Goddess, Great Mother,  Divine Feminine, and all the other names She is known by.   We are everyday goddesses my friends, and the feminine spirit is alive and well and creating in us.

If you haven’t heard Celia’s Everyday Goddess song yet, you’ve got to check it out!  It’s on her Breathe CD.   You can listen to it here.  For me, Celia is the original Everyday Goddess, or at least the one who put the concept into fun words and set it to catchy music and gave it a beat.  And I love all of those things.

It’s really no big deal, I’m just an everyday Goddess

doing all my Goddess duties, trying to find a way.

I am the Maiden, and the Mother, and the Crone.

But it’s really no big deal.  It’s just another day…

Here’s to us and inspiring success.  Love it!

Next time:  Who inspires you?  Role models, mentors? Who’s on your wall of inspiration?