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Everyday-Goddess Celia

Celia Farran is a talented singer, songwriter, shaman, comedienne.  She wrote the original Everyday Goddess song and brought it to life... and inspired this site. I LOVE that Everyday Goddess shirt?!  Those colors are fabulous on her. And her music....  She's a delightful, bold spirit in 'Naughty in Pink' and 'Red Alabaster and Blue.'  (You… Continue reading Everyday-Goddess Celia

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Full-moon Holy-Saturday Greatness-Growing retreat …maybe more fitting …

Didn't plan it that way.  Holy Saturday wasn't on my radar; somehow thought Easter was the following weekend.  I should have known, though.  The very reason Easter jumps around so much is because it's always the Sunday following the first full moon of Spring--and this year, that happens Saturday, April 4. When Christianity 're-purposed' nature-based… Continue reading Full-moon Holy-Saturday Greatness-Growing retreat …maybe more fitting …

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Leaning-in soul fuel 2015

Hello gorgeous goddesses! I am truly appreciating gathering-with-goddesses with goddess Leoni's  2015 Shiny Life and Biz Planner!  Saturday's was amazing. ... very personal soul sharing with soul sisters... we will do more of this new year weaving and playing together... Saturday ... when these 2015 creative goddess planner days continue - Jan 2 and 3… Continue reading Leaning-in soul fuel 2015

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Wisewomen Speak

Sunday morning creative time, Halleluja song in the background, coffee mug warms my hands, and inspiration streams in.  'Wisewomen speak' comes in... Oprah Winfrey, and others less known... cultural creatives all around ... and what I know for sure is that many more wisewomen are speaking, writing, and in the wings to be called and… Continue reading Wisewomen Speak

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Hello goddesses! Another Women & Wisdom Card Reading Day here at Kindred Spirit Center.  We  pulled a card for you from Linda's new Romance Angels Oracle deck.  The card that fell is Engagement. Additional Message: Your love life is ascending to a higher level of commitment. Congratulations!  this card signals pending nuptials, beginning with a… Continue reading Engagement