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Pulled a goddess card for us.   Live happy to be YOU!  (and simply Wise and  Wonderful!)  Enjoy.
Sophia – Wisdom:

… Seek to know and you are me; stretch to become and you are me.  The Feminine quests for wisdom.  The feminine is part of all women; all women are the Goddess; all women have wisdom; all women are Sophia…
It is time to connect with your own deep, enriching wisdom, time for stillness and introspection, time to listen to what needs to be heard.  Perhaps you are in a situation where you need guidance. …When you take the time to listen to your own inner Sophia, you can get what you need.  From the Goddess Oracle  deck

Here’s more about Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom…just because you want to know.
Enjoy and drink in all that resonates and inspires your heart to be strong, confident, beautiful, and wise.   Much love.
– Anne