Everyday Goddess Community

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This is a community site to connect, empower, promote, and inspire women who have discovered the Goddess, Great Mother,  Divine Feminine, and all the other names She is known by.   We are everyday goddesses my friends, and the feminine spirit is alive and well and creating in us.
If you haven’t heard Celia’s Everyday Goddess song yet, you’ve got to check it out!  It’s on her Breathe CD.   You can listen to it here.  For me, Celia is the original Everyday Goddess, or at least the one who put the concept into fun words and set it to catchy music and gave it a beat.  And I love all of those things.
It’s really no big deal, I’m just an everyday Goddess
doing all my Goddess duties, trying to find a way.
I am the Maiden, and the Mother, and the Crone.
But it’s really no big deal.  It’s just another day…
Here’s to us and inspiring success.  Love it!
Next time:  Who inspires you?  Role models, mentors? Who’s on your wall of inspiration?