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It’s that time again.  Reading, alone time, and reconnecting with ourselves.
And for some, conversations of substance, where we get to verbally explore the impact and implications of what we’re reading; exchanges of insight, perception, experiences; support through our evolving and finding our wings.   Bite into your life and the fullness of its possibility. 
Be Full of Yourself -The Journey from Self-Criticism to Self-Celebration.   Welcome to my Series at the BEACH this summer, using that as our conversation starter.  It will evoke emotions and trigger evolving, awakening, and transitioning conversations.  Would anything less be worth your time, or mine?
I am open to additional times and venues, including phone-based ones–Because conversations of substance are refreshing and invigorating…and often hard to find.  And I have additional summer soul work resource recommendations too. 
The soul’s work is to wake itself up… to remember…  (yes!  from some of those other soul work resources!)
It’s lonely on the leading edge of anything.  And it’s not just anyone we can talk to about these emotions, thoughts, feelings, life-shifting moments that change how we see the world.  Trust me.  I know….
I’ve left openness in my schedule this summer for spirit to move and work, to connect and support evolving hearts, minds, and souls.  So important to our wings and happiness and well-being.
We find ourselves and recharge in solitude and small circles, in intimate conversations, away from the noise.  We seek self-understanding, love, happiness, success…and wouldn’t it be nice if all that was easy and possible just being who we already are…
It’s the journey each of us is on…to find where we fit perfectly, and where it IS easy.
The soul work comes in because it’s something we have to do for ourselves; we can’t skip out or delegate it…  Our soul work and dance with the Divine is personalized and exactly what we need.
All cooperative components are being assembled.  (Abraham)
We ARE in the right place at the right time…
To those called to some soul work this summer, wherever you live, Love, Light, and Blessing in this time of self-discovery and growing our greatness.  We have amazing and exciting work to do together.   Anne  🙂