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A circle of women, soul sisters, gathered last evening, to connect with the spirit of Lori, a friend who recently passed.  She had touched our lives.
Shining Priestess by Melissa Harris
Last night, we learned how we touched hers.  It was healing and brought closure too.  For some who had known her longer, there were lingering questions or guilt about whether one did enough, or did the ‘right’ things, or should have done or said something differently.
Another had no idea when she started her day that she would be part of this gathering.  A spur-of-the-moment call to a friend, and an unexpected invitation to come along–to which she said ‘yes,’ brought her to our circle. She was supposed to be there.  It was evident as the evening unfolded.
Another, Kathy, had done a hand-reading analysis with Lori last summer; and they’d discussed the spiritual teacher indicators on Lori’s hand–a seemingly unlikely, surprising, curious path to Lori at the time.  At Lori’s funeral, Kathy had gotten a strong feeling that there was more Lori had for us now
When Kathy told me, I had already reserved Sara Joy for Wednesday evening.  The time and setting had already been prepared without knowing it.  The summer beach group was invited, and responses began coming.  This would be our time with Lori, to hear whatever messages she had for us, and also to say anything we had left unsaid or needed to ask.  It was her Author Sanctuary ‘One-woman presentation’ time she had postponed in August…because it wasn’t time yet.  We don’t always expect the way pieces fit together or fall into place.
There are some who believe in psychics and mediums, and others who don’t.  For some gathered, this was a new experience.  They had no idea what to expect.  They trusted though.  I know Sara; I’ve worked with her before.  I know she’s real and amazing and her work is healing; and she makes everyone feel at ease.  And she did.
As we took our seats, there was one empty chair, and an empty space.  Sara noticed and told us that was interesting, because when the spirits come through, they come on her right side–where the empty space and the chair were.  They were Lori’s.  A few minutes more and Sara was sharing messages from Lori.  She (Lori) was really excited to be there!  And honored, humbled, that we had all come, and had done this for her.  Sara said she sounded very happy (and described Lori’s energy).
And then, one-by-one, Lori had words, for each of us–mostly what she loved about and learned from each of us; how we shined our light and maybe didn’t know it.  It was cool that we got to hear one another’s messages–and hear how they resonated.  (And they did!)
And after all had received our messages, Sara asked if any of us had questions for Lori.  There were several; and very insightful answers too.  Closure.  Tying up lose ends.  Answers to personal curiosity questions.   So healing, comforting.  Some fun too.  Her message to one person was permission to get her sparkle back…that it was okay to be happy again.  (And Lori sounded happy, free.)
When everyone had finished, we said our thank yous and that part of the session ended.  Some had scheduled additional private sessions with Sara after, while the rest of us talked about what we’d heard.
Truly a blessed, sacred, time and space.  I loved this gathering of soul sisters and all that unfolded.  It felt so good.
Blessings, everyone.  And thank you.   – Anne