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Found myself in conversation with a lightworker soul sister about charging for our services…about what feels right for us.
She and I, we dance between worlds, you see.  Our services are spiritual, as are we.  We bring light to souls and lives we touch, so they can ignite their own light.
We also live this physical earth-plane existence with physical earth-plane trappings and attachments (like a living body… that needs clothes, food; rent, cell phones, internet, computers, cars, hair cuts, toilet paper, taxes, art fairs, music, gas, utilities, and all those other everyday-life-connected things.)
And somewhere in our social memory and worldly beliefs is a resistance to attaching money to spiritual services
Goddess candlePerhaps it stems from childhood Sunday services and disdainful comments about commercials and pastors asking for money in church–as if money and religion were in conflict.  Impressions last, especially those of our much younger selves.
Back then, of course, we had no understanding of business dynamics or bottom lines.  We just knew church was someplace we went to every Sunday and heard somebody talk about religion stuff; and that one of those stories was about ‘money changers’ being kicked out of a temple for selling something.  Hmmm.
So here we are as grown-up gorgeous goddesses with those old stories and emotions still lurking inside us.
Now, truth-be-told, many heart, soul, and light workers–and others too–would love to just do what we do, what our souls call us to do and be–and let that whole money thing out of it.  Except, we need that currency to support and sustain our earth-plane physical body-life requirements.
Seriously?!  It’s as if some kind of huge game is being played and we are an experiment–one we signed up for and agreed to ahead of time.  For each of us, there has to be a way that flows easily, and in complete alignment and joy, with both our physical and spiritual world support needs…
Money is Soul work
In this lifetime, any issues holding our souls back from growing and evolving will get magnified.  We will each receive precise catalysts in this earthly Life School…to unlearn and release old soul-baggage, and to replace it with soul-freeing, -feeding, -delighting, and -empowering stuff instead.  Unless we do, we cannot come fully into our soul’s greatness and power!
Remember, we are embodied spirit-souls, powerful, huge, earth angels!…who have been socialized into believing otherwise…in a time that needs our full light and brilliance, and every one of us!  There is great and divine work we came here for!  Those old blocks gotta go.
Money is energy–like electricity–it is a soul teacher for us.  Light energy attracts; it’s magnetic.  Think about when you are most magnetic.  When you’re shining your brilliance, right!?  And feeling totally in your element!?  Being you.
Like all old stories attached somewhere in childhood, that money-changers-and-temple one needs to go…and so does an unappreciating attitude about our value and worth and deservingness of wealth, money, riches, abundance, sustenance, money, currency, cash, funds, in exchange for spiritual services and support we offer… .
Pick your word for what you’d love to receive in full satisfying, bountiful sustenance.  Not all words are created equal…and a shift to one less baggage-charged  can add ease to our process and lesson.
We have grown so much, in so many ways; come so far, through many lifetimes, and have connected now to bring our incredible soul-light forth to shine and serve in this physical-earth-time and place…. and our soul’s (and life’s) growth and greatness still requires our learning this money soul-lesson.   Money is a soul lesson and learning tool, energy flow.
Farm life taught me about electricity and fences.  Touch an electric fence and you get a jolt that spreads up your arm and down through your toes, in half a heartbeat.  If there’s a short in a fence, it doesn’t give that jolt.  Something is blocking its current flow…and needs to be unblocked.  It could be a weed touching a fence, or broken fence wire.  Once repaired, it works again…current flows with ease…and packs quite a punch.  It only takes one touch-experience and you will always respect a single-wire fence. Somewhere, that’s connected to our money-currency-energy flow soul lessons.
So, my Soul-sister Light-worker goddesses, that’s what I’ve got for today.  Hope you enjoyed!
For additional resources on this important and delightful life-game soul lesson we desired to release this time around, I recommend my Money Lessons section of your goddess guidebook to greatness package, or select Career and Money separately here.   We are all growing our greatness and connecting, because our powerful Light and Work is so ready and needed.
Love, blessing, and may all your lessons come with ease and joy!  Love, love, LOVE our connecting and all the good coming through!  Thank you.  – Anne

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