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Read what you’re drawn to.  Instinctively, we are drawn to what we need.  There is a divine synchronicity in it all, always.  Just go with it and allow its unfolding….
No surprise, a lot these days is filtered through losing Laura.  There’s fall-out and impact in ways I didn’t expect.
I inherited her Kindle.  I’d been looking at them….  She didn’t know that; I didn’t know she had one.  She couldn’t get it to work… I did.  Feels divinely guided and and inspired somehow that I have it.
The first books I  downloaded were from the library–a sweet feature I discovered by chance in June.  Heaven is For Real and Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart.
Heaven is For Real beckoned because it came across my path three times in the previous days–which I’ve learned is a good clue I’m supposed to pay attention. I didn’t need convincing on the Heaven is for real part; reassurance is always nice, though.
It’s also a book one of my brothers picked up, felt comforted by, and passed on to my mom…who is not as open to messages from the other side as some of us are.   Sometimes religion holds one from seeing beyond its boundaries.  Maybe this helps open the gates a little.
I will tell you what got my attention the most in it, though:  The little boy in this book told stories of his experiences in heaven, including what Jesus looks like.  And it became a game.  His dad would ask, So what’s wrong with this one?  referring to an artist’s picture.  And Colton would tell him.  Until the day Colton saw the drawing by a then 8-year-old girl, Akaine, who had had a near-death experience and had draw the Prince of Peace she’d seen.  It was the same image….  Wow and amazing.
Prince of Peace by Akaine    When I left the church of my childhood, I didn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.  I drained the bathwater to get a better look at the baby.
That Jesus guy, he was magnetic and got attention…and he wasn’t so good at following rules either, especially where women were involved.  And those are stories for another time.  For now, though, Akaine‘s drawing and those eyes, mentioned by both kids as beautiful, is my take-away to ponder.
The second book I’m reading is Moonrise:  The Power of Women Leading from the Heart.  It too is full of wisdom of another kind….some of it holds a glimpse into the why and how stuff that turns our life upside down happens, and insight to move, grow, transform ourselves and others from there.  Many women contributed to this one.  And here too, I am being touched and inspired and deepened.  And will share more on another day.
Blessings, love, and light as you read what you’re drawn to … and catch the notes you know are yours.
PS  Stopped by a bookstore today.  Forever With You by Patrick Matthews caught my attention…and brought a few tears.  Sacred ground again.  Sara Joy session coming soon…