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Book Reading conference calls with The Sophia Code these days.  Each Tuesday at 5:30 pm central, one person reads, out loud, a Key code Chapter of a Divine Feminine Ascended Master for all of us to experience listening.  All of us have the book and have also read the chapter and can follow along, or just listen in sacred space.  The call ends when the reading is complete.
It’s quite a book.  If you’d like to be part of this conference call experience, the next round begins Tuesday, July 31.  Let me know and I will add you to the group.
Below is a passage from White Buffalo Woman for this week:

Prayer is your Greatest Medicine

… I am here to teach you about the full power of prayer to clear all timelines of suffering, including the desecration of the Divine Feminine, and restore to you a peace that has never left you.  It is safe for you to let go of the past; no matter how many times you relive the trauma of genocide, you cannot change the outcome.
I am here to guide you back to your own salvation, which is to believe in the power of the Holy Spirit working through you to atone for and reconcile all imbalances.  You honor your ancestors and cleanse the past by living fully in the prayer of the present moment.  This prayer is praying you and all of humanity into a new relationship with each other and Mother Earth.
Stop shaming yourself for everything that the tribes of humanity have done to each other in the past.  Internalizing shame only slows the momentum of this prayer that is being answered through loving yourself.  You are here as a wayshower to lead many in how to create a new paradigm, free of the past, by commanding changes through your sovereign power of prayer.
… In my return to Earth, I am here to mentor women in how to make a strong prayer for their personal sovereignty and how to receive the answer to that mighty prayer.
In this next Age of Miracles, women must claim their divine right to fully embody The Sophia Code within them and take up the mantle of Divine Feminine leadership.  For women are the buffalo of community: birthing and raising every generation …  When women are supported to dream in peace, men become woven into their prayer and know their own worth by supporting their women birthing a new paradigm into reality.
Prayer is a vehicle for the direct communion between your awareness and your Higher Self.  It is also the direct communication between your awareness and Sophia which my people call the Great Spirit. …  (The Sophia Code, Kaia Ra)

There’s more, much more, and deeper, pragmatic; beyond comfort zones of some.  It’s a channeled source.  What excites me most is that Ascended Masters we’ve learned of before were men–Jesus, Buddha, Archangel Michael.  These are Ascended Master Women–voices of great powerful Sophia Dragon Tribe Light worker Goddesses before us to initiate us into our powerful work, for the good of all.
On a side note, because language and word choice matters to empower or dis-empower the spirit of women, I choose to leave out words sometimes… or change them.  Master applies to men in our language structure.   Our speakers in these Key code Transmission Chapters refer to them as The Sophia Dragon Tribe.
As with everything, go with and trust your own instincts.
Much love and blessing – Anne