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Hello goddesses,
Many of the women I know and work with are small business entrepreneurs–or are in the process of becoming one.
When life changes–or we change–and something once put aside resurfaces strongly, that’s our soul and spirit coming to life.  And when it does, we create!  Tremendous energy–excitement, play, adventure, joy–is unleashed.
(It’s easier and much more fun to create and attract miracles when we focus on those).100_Fotolia_1917615_X
Support tools for goddesses growing their greatness:
Of course, I love those beautiful 2015 Creative Goddess Workbooks I told you about last time!  (And yes, I AM hosting a ‘Creative Goddess Workbook Day on Saturday, December 27.  More later; save the date for now.)
And then, there are all those peripheral Life Wisdom and Spirit Happiness matters–relationships, confidence, job endings and re-story-ing, life purpose, and about ten other personal greatness elements–all Life skills on special, right now, for you, at a $30 savings. (A sweet treat.)
Angel card reading coupons are still floating around too…Would love to hear from you.
Love and blessings, and Thank You for being here for me.  None of us does what we do alone.  We are connected!
PS  Red Group on Monday mornings is Awesome.  We’ll make room for you if you ask.  Group just started.  (Local small business bookstore Martha Merrill’s in Waukesha got the book for me in two days!  Impressed and full of gratitude.)