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A lot of good comes of silence… alone with our thoughts, feelings, emotions.  Quiet time, personal retreat, centering.  In all the noise out there, I had to go inward with the events of the past few days…reading, writing, letting emotions run through.  I want to be only with my people, those in alignment with my own energies.  I have no desire to be in those other energies right now.
My reading has been delightfully perfect and insightful, though … bringing sparkling clarity that comes out of contrast.  This was deep contrast bringing powerful clarity … re-aligning with my core; all of who I am and love and breath filling a sacred space in me. — and, of course, perfect words showed up to help.  (The Universe has such a sense of humor and just the most-precise way to reach me.)

For anything to grow, space is needed.  If we wish to get more from life, sometimes it is necessary to do less instead of trying to cram more things in. – Sue and Simon Lilly

You have no idea what’s been unleashed.  Pussies were never meant to be leashed;  cat-persons know this.

This book–and the work of my entire life–is promoting a new type of activism.  …  It is based not in anger and indignation, but in joy and pleasure.  It’s an activism that is undertaken by women, for women.  It’s about taking other women higher in order to take ourselves higher.  It incorporates spirituality, social justice, radiant turn-on, and reverence for nature.  …   This revolution is here to take the world to a new level of turn-on.  – Regena Thomashauer

Our sacred core is pleasure, joy, and radiance. Oh yes…

My experience of the slave life and the situation with my employer made me realize that true power is very different from the power I had learned about in my political science classes in school.  I now know that to be powerful means to be true to who you are, rather than the domination of others.  – Mira Kelley

It’s My Pleasure…

… ancient, female-based religions viewed pleasure-seeking as an act of worship. … Pleasure is an ancient sacred path. … Pleasure is a path of hope and optimism, belief in love and, yes, romance!  It’s a path that leads to happy endings and true love, but it’s up to each of us to create it. … But ultimately the journey is yours to take and create.  And the pleasure will be yours too.  – Maria Rodale and Maya Rodale

Joy, Pleasure, and Radiance 2017.
In the midst of this came my word for 2017: RADIANCE…   as in Awaken your Radiance, Lit from Within, Let your Sun shine; know you are the Sun.  Unleash your Radiance … we aren’t meant to be leashed.   Our sensuality is sacred, pleasure is our divine power; self-recovery is a sacred journey I know well, and light a path through.
I am loving Tuesday afternoons here; incredible conversations, women, and Mama Gena’s book.  There will be more of these.  (Info HERE, if you want to be part of them now.)
So much is coming together.  I’m grateful, love it, and feel excited…and also honoring what my spirit needs.  Hope you are too.  Blessings and love, and take really good care of you.  – Anne