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Hello beautiful Goddesses!
Today’s post was written and published in 1993, twenty years ago, when I was in the midst of my personal goddess-spirit awakening.  I came across it while gathering materials for a sister-goddess naming celebration ceremony.  It could have been written now, for today’s emerging everyday-goddess women of spirit.

The re-emergence of the Goddess.  The Goddess movement.  Women’s spirituality. … Connection with the divine feminine within, celebrating, as we say, the Goddess in every woman.  In less than twenty years, we have gone from a few esoteric books on Wicca and archeological or mythological treatises on goddesses (small “g”) to perhaps hundreds of books on every aspect of women’s spiritual quest. …
Much has been written about the phenomenon of women’s spirituality, why the Great Goddess is returning now.  …
And just what is this belief system we call the Goddess?  For me, one of the most important elements of Goddess spirituality and Neo-paganism was the lack of dogma.  The Goddess has 10,000 names (at last count!) and as many aspects as there are women to embody her.  As Joseph Campbell says, “Revelations of the Great Goddess, Mother of the universe and of us all, teach compassion for all living beings.” My dream for the Goddess movement–and what I tried to foster in the pages of Sage Woman–is a forum for the differing beliefs of all women who have opened their hearts to the Great Goddess.  Through an open and compassionate sharing of spiritual experience, we can come to see that the heart of our sister is not that different from our own heart.   And as Campbell continues, “There you come to appreciate the real sanctity of the Earth itself, because it is the body of the Goddess.  … the Goddess is within as well as without.  Your body is Her body…”
… the symbolism of the Triple Goddess: the Maiden, Mother and Crone.  The Maiden aspect of the Goddess is represented by Empowerment, as we begin to realize just how the Goddess manifests in each of us.  Trying our wings, we seek tools, techniques and experiences that will help us tap in the source of Goddess-power the Maiden gives.  The Mother aspect of the Goddess is here represented by Community, gathering together to share Her love.  Working with others, moving out into the real world to work our magic.  The Crone brings Deepening, as we study the Goddess in her infinite forms, learn to draw out Her wisdom from deep inside.  From empowerment to community to deepening, the circle is never broken.
The ways of women are steeped in mystery, but one thing is very clear. … We connect with each other.  We are aware of the web of energy that ties all life together, weaving a pattern of interdependence and mutual respect that is the true vision of Women’s Spirituality. …   – Lunaea WeatherstoneThe Sage Woman Cauldron: A Collection from our First Five Years

Sophia by artist Pamela Matthews
Sophia – Goddess of Wisdom by artist Pamela Matthews

WonderSpirit, Celebrating the feminine Spirit...  Seeing and living life and business (our creative and soul work) and ourselves and our world from a place of wonder and awe and infused with divine feminine sacredness….  All things WonderSpirit are inclusive, womanspirit affirming; from the voices of women — music, art, words, inspiration, books, circles, surroundings, spirit work, wisdom, writing.  Kindred spirits gather here … for spirit-feeding (freeing), soul deepening, community, and tools to tap and affirm our wholeness, and sacredness of our BEing.  Tap In…

I AM a Woman created in the Image and likeness of God the Goddess, Mother of All Living, the Spirit and Breath of Life;
I AM an Adult Daughter, Trusted and Empowered to  make choices and Make a Difference …  – Anne Wondra

Who do you think YOU are?  I’ll share…
Because once we answer that deep question from a place in our divine sacred feminine spirit core, we have tapped into something inspiringly powerful and profound!
Blessings and shine bright!   – Anne