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Didn’t plan it that way.  Holy Saturday wasn’t on my radar; somehow thought Easter was the following weekend.  I should have known, though.  The very reason Easter jumps around so much is because it’s always the Sunday following the first full moon of Spring–and this year, that happens Saturday, April 4.
When Christianity ‘re-purposed’ nature-based spiritual practices of cultures they ‘took over,’ Easter (Eastre) held its place on Nature’s calendar.

The origins of Easter are rooted in European traditions. The name Easter comes from a pagan figure called Eastre (or Eostre) who was celebrated as the goddess of spring by the Saxons of Northern Europe. A festival called Eastre was held during the spring equinox by these people to honor her. (www.gotquestions.org)

Spring is certainly cause for celebration after grey barrenness of winter.  Green sprouts coming out of what looked ‘dead’ … a powerful reminder of our growing ability…and natural process of it’s happening…even when things appear otherwise…
My roots are both Catholic and Nature; I grew up on a farm and went to church every Sunday.  And then I followed my heart into church work…religious studies, youth ministry, and teaching in parish work.
And then it didn’t work for me anymore….Nature celebrated and spoke of women in a way church didn’t… and in the end, it hurt more to stay than it did to leave.  What I heard in church supported cruelty to women.  I heard it; they were oblivious–or it was intentional–and either way, my spirit had to find a place where it was celebrated and inspired to grow its greatness.  I was growing–Nature’s way…like new sprouts of Spring after a dormant Winter.
Holy Week is heavy.  And churches teach that it’s all our fault! … and go back to the garden, and Eve!  Is it any wonder women have guilt issues?
The same stories are repeated–graphically–each year.  A symbol of cruelty and torture Is held up as representing a way of life to be emulated.  Is it any wonder that violence continues in our societies?  And most at the hands of religious activists.
My Holy Saturday Women’s Writing and Grow-Your-Greatness Retreat
Is your spirit growing?  In need of a place where it is celebrated and inspired to grow its greatness?  Maybe Saturday is exactly what you’re looking for.  You will have a safe and sacred space, to re-story and write and speak of our growing, in a circle of spirit-freeing women.   More / Register  butterfly3
And where did I end up?  Intentionally independent and continuing to grow…  Life is a sacred dance my soul said Yes to living ….directly connected, knowing, open, being present and available, of service to women of spirit wounded by or losing their religion and needing her-stories / community / places that celebrate their feminine spirit... stones w goddess
And my chosen symbols of spirit and faith: hearts and butterflies… (and white seagulls show up a lot too; and doves are in there too… okay, Nature and all her Majesty and beauty. … Wonder and Awe – Spirit …)
Holy Saturday writing and re-storying?  Are you wanting to do some of your own?  Join me.  (ample free parking, easy-to-find, beautiful energy, freedom to find and tell your own re-story)
Blessings…and love who you are growing into…  ??????? retreat and re-story…and relax.  – Anne

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