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Hello goddesses,
There is paradox in this universe.  So many advise to ‘face a fear and do it anyway…’  And then there’s today’s Abraham-Hicks message:

We would never move forward in the face of negative emotion. There are many people who would teach you otherwise. They say you’ve got to face fear to get over it. And all they do is desensitize themselves to the point that they get themselves into situations where they have no idea what’s going on, and the end of them comes rather abruptly… And then everyone calls them brave.

Aligning our beliefs with our desires, telling better-feeling stories–ones our brain believes,  Law of Attraction principles, harmonizing our energy to allow what we desire. And then there’s Fear.
Fear is an emotion we experience because of our perceptions and beliefs about something.
Emotions are messages from our Internal Guidance System–and our Protector Ego, Inner Child acting up because we’re trying something new and different that might not be safe.   Getting to the heart of our beliefs and apprehensions is part of our spiritual Growing Up soul work.
Just as a little girl body changes into a grown woman, our Inner Girl Chick transforms into a full-grown Goddess.  Somehow we keep believing we’re spiritual children.  Maybe one purpose of a Fear or apprehension is to befriend it as a messenger, allowing us to revisit an Inner Child belief about ourselves–and then replace it with a new story about a stronger, more-capable, divinely connected and powerful Inner Goddess, who’s grown a lot since those early days, and who we are now.  We are old souls, evolving souls, growing-into-our-greatness souls; powerful, playful, creator goddess souls.
Face the fear… and honor its role in your path.  with love, gentleness, compassion…  Then lighten up around it.  When we’re in a better-feeling place, we will be more confident and sure moving forward.
You don’t have to do all of this alone.  You’re not alone.  You have a goddess community to help inspire your growing greatness.  There’s a new Summer Beach Group series starting soon. Maybe you’d like to be part of it…The water, a beach, fresh air…
And pay attention to signs and angels along the way.

From another author, another perspective:

We grow into our desires, by growing our beliefs into alignment with them. …. Instead of attracting a desire, what you’re really doing is becoming it, in order to manifest and experience it.  … [Y]ou are more like a person growing into a new pair of clothing  … You need to grow into it, or become, the things you desire.  But that is all you have to do.  The quantum field will take care of the rest…. You don’t have to take any specific actions to realize and fulfill your greatest desires other than aligning your beliefs with them.  As you align your beliefs with your desires, things, experiences, opportunities, and possibilities virtually appear right in front of you where there were none before.  That is because you are, literally, living in and seeing a different universe with each uptick of your beliefs about something. – Greg Kuhn, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”

Here’s to each of us growing our greatness — together — and to all who help make it easier and more fun!  None of us travels this life alone. Notice sweet surprises and beautiful delights today.  – Anne

Playful, Magical Inner Child Blessings
Playful, Magical Inner Child blessings