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Years ago, early in my WonderSpirit days, a stranger won a gift certificate.  In our work together, I learned that she had grown up catholic and was an ordained minister counselor; that she had had two near-death experiences, and that ever since, she had some added abilities, gifts that some would call psychic or paranormal.  She was the first of many who would come my way…
Psychic.  The word brings uneasy images to mind: psychic hotline commercials, carnival sideshows, charlatans. Does anyone really take this stuff seriously?
My thoughts were similar once. Until several people with different abilities started coming into my life—in unrelated situations. My cue the universe had something to show me if I paid attention.
Here’s what I learned in the simplest way I can explain it.
Some people have abilities I don’t. Their eyes literally see differently.
Just because I don’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there; and
just because I don’t have those abilities, doesn’t mean they don’t exist; and
some of those abilities fall under the term psychic.
I know some people’s eyes see colors differently.  I have a coffee mug with a light brown leaf design painted on it—at least I see brown. My mother sees them as green. Same mug; her brown eyes see colors differently than my blue ones.
A second example of seeing differently:  I once explored the vision and glasses section in a department store, in particular, the sunglasses display.  There were standard sunglasses and some with Polaroid lenses. First I put on the ones with standard lenses–and saw everything clearly-or thought I did. When I switched to the glasses with Polaroid lenses, everything that was hidden with standard lenses came into plain sight. What was invisible with one set of lenses is clearly seen with another.
To consider the possibility that some people have eyes, a set of lenses, that allow them to see spirits and energy fields, then, is not that far of a stretch . My eyes have standard lenses; theirs have ‘Polaroid’ lenses.  And because of that, they have additional information they can share if I ask them to.
I have.  It was and is amazing and comforting, an experience of gift and grace.
When someone we love goes on a long trip, it’s reassuring to know they arrived safely, that they are happy. When the long trip is death, sometimes closure, or the opportunity to say good-bye, or reassurance that they are safe and happy, add to our peace and comfort.  The people I know with eyes that see spirits are gifted healers and mediums, connectors, and light workers, who help bring peace to hearts and souls here, and spirits on the other side of this time and place.
As children, we took a lot of things on faith, especially about the afterlife and what happens when we leave here. For some, faith is enough. For others, reassurance that our loved ones are okay or still with us, or a chance to say good bye or thank you or I love you, matters to our spiritual peace.
There are many gifts of spirit and light. Ancient writings tell us that. I’ve been a seeker for a long time and studied many paths. These lessons came my way as a gentle reminder that there is much more yet to learn.  And I am a teacher and connector and pass on what I have learned so that others may find peace also…
This week’s ‘s Love-Your-Life class is a fresh look at Gifts of the Spirit  in today’s words and in the light of experiences of people you know.  I hope you’ll join me.  Or download the resource pack for yourself.
Class info:  Wednesday, October 31, 7 pm.
Blessings, love, and peace.

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