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Dragonfly is a symbol that represents our ability to discern illusion from reality.  We are conditioned to believe we are less powerful than we are.  The medicine to heal the wound is Dragonfly medicine.
It is said Dragonfly was once a mighty dragon with magical powers who was tricked into believing she was a

tiny dragonfly.  Dragon changed form into a tiny dragonfly due to this false belief.
Too often we believe our failures, our shortcoming and our limitations are real.  We are conditioned to believe we are less powerful than we really are.   We accept this illusion as our Real self.  We need to remember we have a choice to transform and grow into who we really are.  We can wield our great inner power and wisdom to change our beliefs about ourselves and transform into our Real selves.  When we are able to do this, we heal with the guidance of Dragonfly Medicine.*
My blessing to all who read this book, is for you to grow and heal into becoming your Real selves through the Dragonfly Medicine that graces these pages.
May you bless the world as you reconnect with your wisdom and power.  – Rose M. Kumar M.D.

From Becoming REAL by a modern-day medicine woman, healer, wise woman, sister goddess, friend, becoming-real-dr-rose-kumar-2Rose Kumar.  Becoming Real transforms us;  resources like these are entries to freeing our spirit and wings.
*adapted with permission from Sharon George, fantasy-goddess-art.com.

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    Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar M.D.
    “Becoming Real: Harnessing the Power of Menopause for Health and Success”
    CEO and Medical Director:
    The Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine

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