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WHO inspires you?  Energizes you?  Gives you an Image, a Model, and Belief and Trust and Excitement, that what YOU WANT and DREAM of IS possible?
If our IMAGINATIONS, our MINDS, our THOUGHTS, and what we LOVE are the MOST POWERFUL creative forces on earth and in the heavens; and if SEEING helps us in the BELIEVING and IMAGINING, then let’s create that WALL OF INSPIRATION, my friends!
I’m offering TWO opportunities to call you forward on that!
The first one is Wednesday, July 11, in Waukesha, in my studio gathering space.
The second one is Wednesday, July 25, via live teleconference
This is a SPECIAL BONUS Love-Your-Life session – FREE to YOU as an Everyday Goddess Community Member!  Woo-hoo!  And non-member guests are just $10….easily do-able.  And for something SO IMPORTANT to our vision and inspiration, definitely WORTH IT!
Details and Register / RSVP here.
Look forward to connecting soon.  In the meantime, start gathering pictures of women YOU are INSPIRED by!  Again, RSVP / details here.  Enjoy!