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Hello everyday goddesses!  I suspect a part of me was a cat in a past life, especially when the sun streams through the windows.   I’ve always been drawn to them; their sleek agility; their mix of independence and affection; and their playfulness and personality that endear them so, make me laugh, and wrap me around their skillful paws.   Cat in the sun
It’s been said woman’s spirit is like a cat’s…
Thousands of years ago, cats were worshiped as goddesses.  Cats have never forgotten this. – Anonymous
Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.  – Mary Bly
Cat Goddesses …  more to feed your muse and inspire your inner goddess

Bast the Cat Goddess
Bast the Cat Goddess

“Bast (or Bastet, or Pasht) was the Egyptian goddess who appeared in cat form.  The Egyptians highly revered cats; the word for cat, mau, also denoted light and was cognate with the word for mother.  The cat is a lunar animal and also a solar animal representing the power of the sun as reflected in nature.  Since the cat is an earth animal, Bast is also an earth mother goddess, a giver of life and abundance.  In touch with her wild, instinctual nature, she also is a protector of women during childbirth.  Like a cat, she is fiercely independent and belongs to no one but herself.  Bast is one of the more joyful goddesses; her elaborate festivals in the town of Babustis were renowned for their joyful dancing.  Embodying a cat’s gentler aspects, Bast is a personification of life and fruitfulness.  The quintessential life-affirming mother, she remains us to be playful and relaxed like a cat and to find occasions to celebrate life.”

Goddesses Knowledge Card (Susan Eleanor Boulet Trust, Text: Michael Babcock)


  • Ancient Egyptian goddess of divine order
  • Goddess of wrath and a goddess of peace
  • In her mythology, she did not initiate or provoke conflict, but when the divine order was threatened and the gods called upon Sekhmet for help, she responded with the direct savagery of a protective lioness.
  • Besides her wrathful nature, Sekhmet was associated with healing and perceived as having the power to counteract illness.  Her priesthood had a role in medicine…  Her presence was invoked in situations where a patient could live or die, and on the battlefield, where life and death were also in the balance, as a warrior goddess.

Goddesses in Older Women  (Jean Shinoda Bolen)

Did any of that resonate?  What parts?  What fits?  What inspires and empowers your heart?

Breathe in.  Exhale.  Connect with all the purrfection in you it brings to light….It’s all good.  Purrrrfect.

Love your life.  It matters.  Enjoy!

– Anne Wondra


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