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Sound heavenly, doesn’t?!  It does to me too.
So I said, Why not?  Follow your bliss!Brewers Two Pewaukee  And I am.
Monday mornings in Summer, starting June 18…in line with a new moon and a summer solstice.   New beginnings, energy flooding in.  My favorite beach-side coffee house to gather in, and then to the beach in front or creek side in back.  Details coming.
‘Bite into your life and the fullness of its possibility!” Let the words rest and play in your consciousness, and pay attention if that’s something you would LOVE to energetically explore and do this summer.
Additional Summer tele-circles?  Soul Sister Circles?  Open to possibilities…and excited thinking about it.  Empowering, invigorating stuff to my soul; hopefully to you too.
Our conversations will take us into interesting waters, foundations of beliefs about ourselves,  of our spirit and life–in a good way… and the journey from self-criticism to self-celebration.  Sneak peak?  It’ll be one of these two resources we’ll start with; I’m leaning toward the first…or both.  Let me know your thoughts too.
Be Full of Yourself  and or Becoming Real, both written by wise, beautiful, and inspiring everyday goddesses.
Here’s to summer sharing and biting into life … at the beach or anywhere you be.  Love your life!  It matters. – Anne