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Abundance Essential Oil

If you wanted to feel abundant, rich, wealthy, luxurious, bountiful, what smells, fragrances, aromas, scents, would you surround yourself with?
Scent is powerful.  It taps and triggers our emotions, memories.  For you, what does abundance feel like and smell like?
In my practice, I use therapeutic-grade (healing-grade rather than perfume grade) essential oils.  A friend recently asked me to share some thoughts and favorite oils for bringing abundance with her group.  So here’s what came to mind:
Jasmine – Talk about a heavenly scent, and luxurious; just to open the bottle and smell is divine and rich.
Chocolate – Okay, it’s not an essential oil, so I’m cheating here.  It is one decadent and heavenly, luxurious scent I love, though.
Abundance™ – An essential oil blend with orange and ginger, which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity.  I have to say that scent is very personal.  I have this blend, and many love it.  And there are all kinds of stories of it working, bringing prosperity.  It’s not one of my favorite scents, though.  So maybe my doorway to abundance and luxury and all kinds of wealth, is of a different way and a different fragrance.    In my work with clients, each is drawn to what fits and resonates and belongs for them.   Sometimes it’s Abundance™ other times it’s not.
Believe™, Sacred Mountain™, Highest Potential™.  All three of these touch me.  Woods and flowers, sacred, not to be taken lightly, to be treasured, respect and reverence.  At the heart of our (my) abundance, wealth, luxury, radiance, is a belief in self and a life dance with the Universe in honoring, discovering, and being all I’m here to be, one experience, relationship, risk, connection, conversation, breath at a time…
Joy™, Inner Child™, Release™, Stress Away™.  Sometimes, allowing ourselves to let go of thoughts, beliefs and exchange them for different ones, and to reassure the inner child and inner goddess in us that it’s safe now, is a path to our feeling warm, heavenly, cared for, and open to receiving prosperity and love and wealth of all amazing kinds.
Are they magic potions?  I know they are sacred substances.  I know that anytime we interact with and honor the sacred, anything is possible–especially joy, synchronistic happenings…some say magic and amazing miracles.  I think maybe it’s also being aware and joyfully anticipating having our desires.  And these heavenly scents and substances are potent reminders.
One of the things a writer friend of mine does that I love:  When she sits down to write, she selects a few bottles, a few scents, she’s drawn to have with her that day; she opens them and puts them safely nearby, and then she writes, surrounded by the aromas that will inspire her work.  Breathe in…exhale.  And her work is truly inspired.
Here’s a resource handout I created so you can learn more about these oil blends of abundance if you want to.  If you prefer smells, though (highly recommended), 3rd Mondays are when you want to come see me.   That’s when my friend Amy and I hold informal ‘we-love-our-oils‘ open house sessions….which is what we’re doing tonight!  So, I’m wrapping this up, and leave you for now to set up for our guests.   Have a beautiful evening.

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