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Hello goddesses!
3rd Friday Technology Share is this Friday, March 20, 1 to 3 pm, here at the Kindred Spirit Center.  RSVPs recommended one day in advance.
Got a tech project you’re working on?  A blog to write? Newsletter to create?  Excel spreadsheet to set up?  Web site to build?  Bring your laptop; and let’s get ’em going… with a little help from your friends…20150105_103539
As always, these are one of your member freebies!  Just RSVP ahead for logistics.  Thanks!
See you Friday! – Anne

PS  Fabulous 4th Friday is another Biz Diva Day!  I’m a Goddess Leoni fan — Amazing Life & Biz Planners, Double Your Biz, and all her other delightfully artsy, creative biz-sense stuff!  I use them; okay, not as faithfully as I ought to–which I why I really offer Fabulous 4th Friday Biz Diva Days–so we can remind each other and grow our greatness together!  So much more energizing too!  Again, RSVP at least a day ahead.

Have a great week, everyone!  – Anne

2 thoughts on “3rd Friday Technology Share this week

  1. HI-
    Save me a seat please for this Friday. Also how much smoke can we generate with the smoke alarms going off? a candle ok? palo alto wood? incense – the yl frankincense? Thanks! Margaret
    p.s. Do you have WIFI down there?

    1. Good! And candle, palo alto wood, and yl frankincense have all worked fine for me… no smoke alarm triggered. And yes, I have wifi for Friday. See you soon!

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