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Daring to be Ourselves

Hello goddesses, Our words for today are 'Daring' and 'Courage' because it takes courage and daring to be OURSELVES.  It's so much easier and safer to play-act being someone else.  To be truly who we are, though, is to risk ridicule.  Words meant to hurt, dishonor, shame. Why am I afraid to tell you who… Continue reading Daring to be Ourselves

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Creation, Earthy, Original Blessing, Spirituality

Hello beautiful goddesses,I'm offering a Creation Spirituality class this week for earth-honoring souls and seekers.  It's a path and perspective that speaks of original blessing and celebrates our goodness and that of the natural world. I came across this treasure in my own search and studies for a woman-spirit-honoring path...one that also honored or bridged and… Continue reading Creation, Earthy, Original Blessing, Spirituality