Book Group, Technology Share this week

Hello goddesses, Tuesday night Book Group Call:  We're finishing up end parts of Chapter 1 (beg. p 18, The Sacred Feminine) and Chapter 2 (beg. p 35, Optimism and Pleasure)  instead of moving on to Chapter 3--Group decided to catch parts we missed instead of moving on...  Love this group!  Goddesses play with possibilities. 3rd… Continue reading Book Group, Technology Share this week

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Some things work; others, not as planned

Hello Goddesses,  Some things we plan work; others, not so much... It's all good...  all catalysts for creative flow and opportunity to grow. When something doesn't work as envisioned, something else opens in its place... something unscheduled, and now available to engage in, experience... Tuesday afternoons ...time wa already set aside for a 'Goddesses Never… Continue reading Some things work; others, not as planned


Goddesses-Never-Age women’s groups

...the number one thing you can do for your health is to live joyously …  (Christiane Northrup, M.D., Goddesses Never Age) Hello goddesses, Grow your greatness with me, and learn much more about your magnificence and power within.  This is Soul Mind Body LIFE-engaging well-being... And I'm offering them FR*E*E to Everyday Goddess Community members. … Continue reading Goddesses-Never-Age women’s groups