An Everyday Goddess is…

 a woman of spirit and light,

 she is created in divine image and likeness;

her mirror confirms that Her divine image is

a delightful SHE…

And THAT shifts everything.  – Anne Wondra


Affirming, Celebrating, Owning

Who We Are

The Divine Feminine is…

Inclusive: recognizes the value and worth of all people and things

Honoring of process: is able to allow circumstances, ideas, and experiences to unfold

Empowered: with steeled softness, champions the weak and vulnerable and stands firm for what is right

Intuitive: is holistic, accessing immediate perception rather than rational thinking

: is empathetic, warm, open-hearted

Complementary: lives in concert with others, augmenting the whole with her presence

Connective: desires to link hands and hearts

Cooperative: is able to work with others without needing to be in control

Diffuse: perceives and understands a wide range of stimuli

Relational: is interested in preserving and deepening relationships

Gentle: is able to live gently with herself and others

Receptive: is open to receive the new, different, and wondrous

Empowering: awakens others to their potential

Forgiving: realizes that we are all imperfect and that non-forgiveness dams the natural flow of spirit

Introspective: is drawn to the spiritual and the philosophical

Healing: carries the ability to heal body, mind, and spirit through talent for listening deeply to her internal, inherent wisdom

 – Sue Patton Thoele,  The Courage to be Yourself

Imagine a Woman

Imagine a woman who believes it is right and good she is a woman.
A woman who honors her experience and tells her stories.
Who refuses to carry the sins of others within her body and life.

Imagine a woman who trusts and respects herself.
A woman who listens to her needs and desires.
Who meets them with tenderness and grace.  More

Everyday Goddess song lyrics – Celia

It’s really no big deal, I’m just an Everyday Goddess…

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