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$99 / Year (equates to 3 Months FREE)

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Monthly Technology Shares

I love these!  Many heart-centered, creative-type entrepreneurs I know are good with the people, energy, art, and creating aspects of their business.  It’s the technology stuff that frustrates and drains them.  I help take those away!

In my first professional role, my official title was chief of systems; I was the computer / word processing / technology systems person (creating legal documents).  Later, I was hired to transcribe a professor’s doctorate dissertation (from hand-written to digital form).  Since then, I’ve used technology and software on a daily basis, and much of it is playing and fun for me.

THIRD THURSDAYS, in-person at the Kindred Spirit Center, 2 pm – 5 pm (Central), I hold a 3-hour live help-desk / project-partner afternoon for members.

Bring your technology project, your laptop, and get it going or get unstuck.  Technology projects can include Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, a FaceBook Page, setting up a blog, web site building, writing a newsletter, learning about LinkedIn or Twitter, writing a short ‘elevator-pitch’ bio, for example.   RSVPs recommended.

For those unable to meet in person, schedule a phone call (or Skype) help desk instead.

(Non-member tech-share projects: $40 / hour)

Monthly Community Call

These are monthly, 4th Sunday evening, space-holding times to connect with other wisewoman goddesses, to share our studies, life growing, connect.

FALL-WINTER Book Study Groups  (Teleconference Call-ins)

I am reading a book that is one of many I’ve found recently that deserve to be not just read, but studied and applied…  – Janet Golownia

These are the kind of reads–words and writings of inspired women–we bring to our Book-Study Group Calls… Pragmatic, spirit-feeding books that serve as a backdrop to feed, inspire,  strengthen, affirm, motivate, and bless our feminine  spirit.

As women, our way of processing our lives–and reading–is in writing and dialog; listening, being heard, and soulful exchanges.  As WiseWomen, we are also teachers, leaders, and guides of others.  We are both learners and leaders; to feed others, we must be nourished and filled.


A popular summer in-person book group at a beach.

Meets Monday mornings at a beach; Monday evenings by conference call.  Details

(INCLUDED with your membership)


I have a special brand of feminine soul-soothing abilities–as you already know.  Life happens–and we process and grow our lives, and our understanding, in relationship and dialog.  In a moment, a 5-minute ‘clear-your-thoughts’ call or card reading makes a wonderfully uplifting difference.

I always feel better when I talk to you. – Mary W.

It’s a comment I hear often.

(Call me when you need me.  That’s a peace-of-mind privilege for goddess members)

Member Pricing on Private Coaching

Save on private 1:1 sessions.  Life happens–and we process and grow our lives, and our understanding, in relationship and dialog.  A creative support, progress check-in, resource, and strategy session makes a wonderfully empowering, supported, centered, and uplifting difference.

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