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Years ago I started this everyday goddess community to bring together, at least virtually, Life-traveler goddesses; kindred-spirit lightworkers who create, write, play and dance in becoming more of who we are–everyday living goddesses.

Open community calls are 1st Sunday evenings at 7.

Join me. Calendar has the ‘how’.

Use these calls, card readings, and connecting hours to feed your feminine spirit.

Divinity and Creativity: Embracing our Essence is the ‘why.’

Join me. Try it out. If you’d like to contribute, learn more here.

Anne Wondra

Anne 82
Anne Wondra, WonderSpirit Goddess Community Coach and Muse

Once you know there’s a goddess and that you are one, there’s no going back.  Roars of awakening

Colorful, my sister once called me …

Words, chosen to be including and uplifting and empowerful of our feminine spirit.  Our voices, writing, art, music, sacred places, travels, creating, and work spaces…

I’m a muse.  A connector, a writer, a coach, teacher, life-traveler.  A way-shower.  A light.  And I tend to have a calming, spirit-feeding influence …

I’m not alone in what I do.

My intent is to offer a spirit-feeding place for everyday goddess life-traveler creatives.

Thank you!



Dear Anne,

I greatly appreciate your coaching and support–especially during the past few months.  You are a wise woman and a wonderful friend!  It’s an inspiration to see you using your talents and following your dream.  I want to help support that dream–please accept the enclosed and I’d like to become one of your “real” clients.  I value you and the path you’ve chosen.  Love, Elizabeth.

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