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A Deeper Wisdom: Twelve steps from a woman’s perspective

  A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman’s Perspective Perspective changes everything… Words are heard differently by women… especially women who understand or have experienced control-based patterns in language, acts, and systems. I first heard of and met Patricia Lynn Reilly at a Bookstore author event in 1996… shortly after my own roar… Continue reading A Deeper Wisdom: Twelve steps from a woman’s perspective

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Plugging in to others

I’m feeling some recalibrating lately.  Maybe it’s a changing season thing; or maybe it’s a place I am in for personal soul work and growing.  Harvest – gathering bounty, fruits, and preserving.  Tree wisdom – seasonal transformations, coloring, and releasing.  Lighten up; New will be coming. Ah… it’s that trusting that New and better will… Continue reading Plugging in to others


This Community Years ago I started this everyday goddess community to bring together, at least virtually, Life-traveler goddesses; kindred-spirit lightworkers who create, write, play and dance in becoming more of who we are–everyday living goddesses. Open community calls are 1st Sunday evenings at 7. Join me. Calendar has the ‘how’. Use these calls, card readings,… Continue reading About