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Kim Hall – Curves of Courage

Everyday goddess, woman with a voice, Kim Hall, is a writer, life-traveler, friend and colleague, wellness coach, motivational speaker, and author of Curves of Courage.  Kim is a full-heart beautiful soul who uplifts and inspires everywhere she goes.  She loves life and making up quotes.  They naturally flow from her lips, along with a smile and that light shining in her eyes.  My favorite of hers:

When it’s fun, it gets done. – Kim Hall

And this one from our Wellness Wednesdays at Unity Center where she shared her  Playing with Oils passion.

It’s  possible to feel good every day, all day. – Kim Hall


She’s  an everyday medicine woman and motivator who believes 1 Can at a time makes a difference.  Hear for yourself, her own words about 1 Can @ a time:

Learn more about her services and work in her writing and her serving-the-world website Curves of Courage.  Kim’s a Harley rider, too.  An open-road view will greet you and invite you to see where it takes you.

Enjoy your day.  Keep playing and serving and being you. – Anne

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