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Small (Talk) F.A.R.T.S.

Here’s an Easy-to-Remember way to handle those inevitable Small Talk conversations over the holidays.

You know I’ve been hanging around brothers and working with guys maybe a little too much–all my life–when one like this pops in my hear.  I giggled writing it… and also included good practical stuff too. Enjoy and happy holidays! – Anne

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We gather more this time of year; formal and informal.  In groups and settings that are a diverse mix: from family and friends, to professional colleagues, to others we’re meeting for the first time.

What to talk about?  …. Helps to come with a plan.  I like humor and easy too.   Here’s a little of both to help you out.  …. Little ‘FARTS’… to get to know someone better, make small talk, and maybe make a memorable connection.  ‘FARTS’ is an easy-to-remember acronym of what to talk about:

F – Family or Friends in common.  Have you seen…?  Are they still…?  When you see them next time, tell them…

A – Arts.  Theater, movies, fine art, art fairs, favorite artists; or maybe they are art makers and creators too.

R – Reading.  Books read this year, magazines, articles one enjoyed, or recipes.  What we’re learning, engaging in, fueling…

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