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Living a Life you Love

Hello lovelies,
Happy Thanksgiving weekend!
I’m sharing some favorite grow-your-greatness resources today. That ‘True Wealth’ and ‘Conducting a Life Audit’ are also opportunities to connect and play with them together…in person on Sunday afternoon (Nov 29) and virtually on Monday evening (Nov 30).
Let me know Saturday if you’re in for one or both. 🙂
Have a beautiful, enjoyable Thanksgiving day. – Anne

All things Anne Wondra

What we focus on, we get more of.  It changes us.  Imagine that!

Yet, those around us (i.e. media and others) seem to want our focus to be on less-than-joyful-and-uplifting things.  Many have forgotten how to speak about pure, positive, living-a-life-you-love well-being!

Here’s some help with that.  Pick one:

We can’t change the wind, but we can change our sail. (Unknown)

What do you want for your life going forward?

You can go it alone, or invite a partner who celebrates your living a life you love, and more!  (I’m one of those kind of partners.)

You’ll find

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