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You’ll like this one… Much love and Thank you. – Anne

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I’m blessed and honored to be among women engaged in sacred work; women of spirit and light.

Some are writers, recording what they’ve received, using what they’ve lived; telling stories that are theirs to write for others to feel more whole, reassured, inspired.

Others of these women are energy workers and intuitives, teachers, artists, and other muses…life coaches.  Our work takes many forms.  One is drawn or referred to us, and feels better, and more peace, and uplifted, after.

…kinda like watching Ghost Whisper.  We do what we do…helping others helps them and us understand and be more of  what we’re here for…

I have a Bohemian heritage…  And Bohemian Spirituality ‘dropped in’ during my shower one day this week…  So I Googled it:

  • Bohemian – A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.

  • Bohemianism – The characteristic conduct or methods of…

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