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Thoughts are Seeds

Hello goddesses,
Some Sunday muse notes–about seeds and nature–flowing in over coffee this morning. A particular situation was on my mind, and my brother’s fields and planting seeds showed up. Here’s what else came out… a reminder of reassuring stuff I grew up knowing…you too. Enjoy planting, growing, and powerful partnering. – Anne 🙂

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When a farmer or gardener plants seeds–sweet corn for example–their crop grows.  They expect and get a crop of sweet corn.

When you plant different seeds, a different kind of crop grows.  flow2

It’s simple.  Plant seeds for the kind of crop you want to see growing.

To plant one kind of seed and expect another, different, kind of crop to grow is not how Nature works.  And it’s an exercise in frustration–self-inflicted, at that.

Evolving understandings in science and religion–from ‘eyeball’ science’ to quantum physics and law of attraction, to soul and spirit energy–that thoughts are seeds, that attention to something influences and changes its outcome, that planting the seeds of what we want to see means planting and cultivating accordingly.

Nature is my teacher–every year, every flower, every field, every crop…  Seeds–and our thoughts and attention—naturally contain creating power, by divine design. 

What do…

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