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Ascension Symptoms – Change Your Story and Change Your Experience

I love Nancy! And many of you will probably relate to what she writes. Some very helpful, practical processes shared here. Take note, tap in. We are all in this together. Blessings. – Anne 🙂

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Howling Wolf on Mountain Peak You have probably read that this is a big week energetically.  Those who are sensitive to energetic shifts may be experiencing a variety of physical symptoms and trouble sleeping.  You may be feeling alternatively exhausted and then elated too.  All of this is part of the move to higher dimensional vibrations that we are in the midst of right now.  Our physical and emotional systems are being recalibrated to be able to work with these energies and that means a lot of adjusting is going on.

Personally, I’ve been having the worst time sleeping.  I fall asleep for a few hours and then I’m awake – often feeling borderline anxious.  I go through my routine with the Energy Medicine, BodyTalk and Jin Shin Jyutsu techniques I know to settle my nervous system, and then I spend some time talking to my Spiritual Support Team.  While it isn’t a huge deal…

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