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Metaphor and Letting Go

Here’s an especially timely and fitting one from my goddess sister friend Nancy Nicholas. Fits perfectly with last night’s–soul-blessing music post, letting go, and gentle laughter in the ah-ha and move through… Have a beautiful day. We are in a divine and grace-fueled flow …

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waterfallAs many of you know, I love metaphor.  I was an English major in college and I was fascinated by the layers of meaning in what I read.  When I encountered Joseph Campbell in 2000, I was so excited to read his observations about myth and how those stories reflect the stories that play out in our lives.

In my life today, my work is all about metaphor. When I ask for guidance for someone, most often I am shown a little “story” – a metaphor for what is happening in their life from a spiritual perspective.  The image is symbolic and my job is to unravel the symbols to find the meaning.

Last night, metaphor came to visit in a big and very blatant way.

In my own personal experience, I have been going through the end of a phase of my life. On one level, it is the…

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