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Soul blessing songs for a new moon

Hello goddesses – some wonderful new moon music links in this one for you. Some of my favorites. Blessings and much love. – Anne

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I started using music years ago.  It began with ‘praying on the dance floor,’ or maybe when I became aware of lyrics019_15A and let them speak to me… It inspired me, taught me, soothed me, connected somewhere deeper that needed expressing at the time.  I still bring music to  work, and it still speaks to me.

One of my favorite soul blessing CD’s — especially for a new moon– is Lisa Thiel’s Invocation of the Graces.

Light a candle in a quiet sacred space, breathe deeply and slowly, and call in these beautiful graces of light.  Listen, enter in as it gently repeats three times, and soak in grace-filled blessing.  We have let go of much these past weeks; and more is coming.  We are changing, and one change flows into another.  So we allow in this blessing and set intentions in the quiet of our heart–desires and…

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