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In trouble with email

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The trouble with email is that it leaves so much to the interpretation of the receiver…without benefit of dialog.

In dialog, there are voice inflections and stories that go with the message; an exchange of ideas, thoughts, and co-creating.  One can hear a smile and playfulness in someone’s voice.

And those soft, relational pieces make a HUGE difference!… brought home recently, painfully, when those were missing.  Feelings and friendships wounded, stupid misunderstandings …

The air has been cleared; tears have been shed; emotions have been felt and acknowledged –and moving forward, changes are being made.  One of them for me is that I’m taking myself off email during my evenings.

If communication needs to be made during those hours, phone and Skype are delightfully good interactive dialog tools.  And I want to do more of that!

… which dovetails into another ‘life experience’ ah-ha over the weekend: I loved

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