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Growing Your Money Vibe

Hello goddesses!
Sharing this ‘Growing our Money Vibe’ post from my friend and sister goddess, Nicole. Enjoy! We’ll be talking more about this on our May 8 Goddess Community Call, “Money Lessons of an Everyday goddess.”

Big Dream Awakening

To expand on my last post, here are some fun tips and exercises to grow your money vibe.

What’s your story about money? What stories do you tell yourself or others?

  • “I don’t have enough money.”
  • “I can’t afford that.”
  • “I’m tired of being broke.”
  • “Money doesn’t go very far.”

It’s important to get crystal clear on your money story. It shows up as self-talk or stories we tell others. Has money served you well? Do you tell yourself you are grateful for what you have but you actually feel there’s not enough or that you deserve more? That’s a mixed signal to the Universe and a block to growing your prosperity. You’re consciously thinking right, but subconsciously you feel differently.

Step 1 to growing your money vibe and ramping up your sparkle is to identify how you’re talking about money. Notice the money story you tell yourself, tell others, your…

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