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March 2014 – News, Events, Inspiration!

Hello gifted goddesses!
This edition from Nancy Nicholas inspires me! And I’m sharing because her Empowerment Call on March 9 is on “Living Fear-Free” and her March Empowerment Circle is on “Manifesting Prosperity”…both close to our hearts, health, and souls.
If you saw my “Living Less Complicated” post yesterday (www.annewondra.com), you know emotions and how they work have been more of interest lately. Love and fear are both powerful. Our media and social structures, though, teach and use a lot of fear on us…
I’ll be on Nancy’s call March 9. Join me. I love her spirit and all she does to empower and inspire all of us. – Anne

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March 2014

Wow!  We actually made it through February without freezing to death (though it was touch and go for my poor toes off and on).  Check out some inspiration and news to empower you this month as we wrap up winter and move into spring. 

New Rates for Readings

I’ve made some changes in my rate structure as part of my simplifying and streamlining process.  Empowerment reading rates are now $75/hour; $45/half hour for everyone.  My community members will be able to take advantage of exclusive special offers each month instead of having a set discounted rate (March’s Member Special Offer is 20% off a one hour empowerment reading).  Also, for those of you who are new to my services – you can still experience an empowerment reading for a new client special rate of $25/25 minutes.  You can learn more and purchase here:  How to Get Started

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