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Hello goddesses! There is nothing like personally connecting to one another, live, in person, hearing one another’s voices… and I love it when we do! A new year is about to begin. I’m looking forward to connecting and creating more often together…because wonderful things always come out of them. Love and light… – Anne

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How much doyouvaluethat human interactive component?

Talked to one of my brothers yesterday.  He missed Christmas Eve at Mom’s Tuesday night because his flight was cancelled; a pilot called in sick, leaving Atlanta passengers to take alternate, later flights.  He made the most of it–dinner, a couple margaritas, and a few hours later and he was on another plane heading out…and got to sit next to a trainer and her two service dogs.  (Interesting people we meet along the way.) Dennis arrived at Mom’s just before midnight.

A most interesting thing he said, though, was that pilot-less planes would eliminate cancelling a flight like this.  Technology allows amazing possibilities….in the not-too-distant future perhaps.

And then the conversation turns to How does one feel about traveling in a plane without a pilot?  How valuable is that human interactive component?  (Personally, I prefer a pilot, in-person, flying that…

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