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Wellness Program Reimbursement Form

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Happy Monday, Everyone!

Today I’m giving you a gift, a free resource form for those who work in or own a company that has an employee wellness program.  It’s a Company Wellness Program Reimbursement Request Form I created for employees who cared about their health, wanted to participate in classes and programs for their well-being–except NOT with their co-workers or on-site.  Weight-loss programs, for example, deal with sensitive, personal, and private stuff.  And these women preferred to keep their personal lives to themselves.  I understood.

So I worked with them and the company to find a way that everyone got what they wanted.  And it worked.  By creating this Wellness Reimbursement Request form, employees could participate in off-site, neighborhood health and wellness classes and courses and programs.  And once completed, they used the form to request reimbursement for the portion eligible under the company wellness program.  All players were happy.

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