Author Sanctuary Series – Stacy Whetlow, August 5

It started with this summer’s beach group:  I found myself in the company of phenomenal women of depth, heart, and wisdom–and several of them were writers, authors, and teachers.  I knew I wanted to, had to, share them and their work with you!

I call it a Sanctuary Series because a sanctuary is a place of safety where a woman shares what is not often shared elsewhere….sensitive stuff, and more personal.  When an author writes, there’s often a story underneath, and behind the story.   A sanctuary offers a smaller, more comfortable, sacred space to share those.  Our space this time is the one I share at the Kindred Spirit Center.  We’ll meet four Monday mornings in August.  More

Stacy Whetlow photo

I’m excited and delighted that Stacy Whetlow will be my first Author Sanctuary guest on August 5.  I love Stacy!  She’s a friend, colleague, artist, beautiful woman of spirit and depth and insight….who has a past it took a lot of courage to write about.  Her books, Silent Robber and Go Fetch, and her work since, offer inspiration, support and healing to other women with hidden and not-so-secret pasts.

In Stacy’s words, here’s an introduction to what she’s written and what she’ll be sharing:

I would describe my books, Silent Robber of the Night and Go Fetch: A Women’s Guide to Walking Without a Leash, as giving words to the darker moments in my life, the shadow side of me. During their initial drafts I was concerned that they might not be accepted and that I should write about the peaks to which a life can ascend—love, peace and joy. But I realized that between peaks there is the valley that must be crossed and that sharing my experience of the shadow side might help another woman journey to the next peak.

Silent Robber narrates my struggles with a dysfunctional family, finding my voice to the silent robber of sexual abuse and finding my journey to healing. My journey was a trek to higher ground, an ascent to a peak where I found acceptance, strength, peace, and joy.

Go Fetch is the book written for women as a guide through relationships, insecurity, jealousy and other pitfalls, as they learn to walk without the leash of limiting social conventions. It is funny, punchy, bawdy and frank.

Join Stacy and me on Monday morning, August 5, in Waukesha.  RSVP HERE and Mark your Calendar today.  Sanctuary spots are limited. I so look forward to our gathering.  – Anne 🙂

PS  Here’s a look at who’s coming up August 12, 19, and 26 too.


About Anne Wondra

Anne Wondra is a muse, wise woman, mystic, coach, connector; and author of "Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman." She loves Michael and cats, morning walks, sunshine, beaches, art fairs, animals, nature, music, books, beauty, coffee, and laughter. Professionally, she has lived a well-seasoned mix of experience, academic degrees (religious studies), courses, seminars, and certifications: legal, administrative, parish ministry, human resources, wellness educating, life coaching, and business ownership / entrepreneurship. Anne Wondra is the owner-creator and founder of WonderSpirit, LLC and All Things Anne Wondra.

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