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freedom stoneI read somewhere recently  that we are our own alchemists of the riches and wealth and life we desire.  And that it has to do with our energy being in alignment with receiving such wealth and riches and wonderful life circumstances.

In other words, how good and worthy do we feel about receiving amazing sums–just being who we are and doing what we do?  Do we believe we are enough?  Do we believe we have our value and worth–and believe that others in a position to pay us (and or provide the wealth and riches and wonderful life circumstances we desire) will know and see our value also?  (Deep personal questions.)

These–and the emotional energy they bring–show up in job applications and interviews, and most definitely when our path is one of entrepreneurship or creating a new trail.  There are passions and callings that we are born with. …

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About Anne Wondra

Anne Wondra is a muse, wise woman, mystic, coach, connector; and author of "Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman." She loves Michael and cats, morning walks, sunshine, beaches, art fairs, animals, nature, music, books, beauty, coffee, and laughter. Professionally, she has lived a well-seasoned mix of experience, academic degrees (religious studies), courses, seminars, and certifications: legal, administrative, parish ministry, human resources, wellness educating, life coaching, and business ownership / entrepreneurship. Anne Wondra is the owner-creator and founder of WonderSpirit, LLC and All Things Anne Wondra.

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  1. Dear Anne,
    What a gift you are to our world and our community. Yes, our spiritual contract is activated. I welcome what unfolds and enfolds between us as we explore what is real with wonder and amazement.

    Much love,
    Rose Kumar

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