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The Dance of the Dissident Daughter

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Dance of the Dissident DaughterSue Monk Kidd wrote the book and coined the title…and I resonated deeply with so much of it.

To be dissident is to know on a gut level that there’s some great injustice or something seriously screwy systemically in an organization or group you’re part of, connected to, invested in, and feel loyal to.  Once aware, there’s no becoming unaware.  Then it becomes a dance with our soul …

Do we stay or leave?

And there are always consequences.  Significant ones.  Social, emotional, spiritual, relational.  Belonging.  Identity.  Being ostracized.  Betrayal.  Uncertainty.  Loss.

At first, we figure we can still play the game–with a few tweaks–and stay under the radar.  It’s called Defecting in Place…another path I know well.  It works for a while….

And then, there’s a powerful catalystthat brings up and out all of the pent-up force and feelings one has kept in check…

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