Creation, Earthy, Original Blessing, Spirituality

100_Fotolia_1917615_XHello beautiful goddesses,

I’m offering a Creation Spirituality class this week for earth-honoring souls and seekers.  It’s a path and perspective that speaks of original blessing and celebrates our goodness and that of the natural world

I came across this treasure in my own search and studies for a woman-spirit-honoring path…one that also honored or bridged and connected, shed perspective on, the traditions I’d grown up with.  It comes out of the scriptural scholarship of Matthew Fox, who also grew up Catholic, in Wisconsin.  His work opened and cleared a lot for me. 

The class is Wednesday evening, April 24, at the Kindred Spirit Center in Waukesha.  More info and Register HERE

Happy Earth Day and month!  Love, blessing, gratitude and celebration to all creation; earth, air, animals, water, plants, people, sun, and stars, and each of you. – Anne



About Anne Wondra

Anne Wondra is a muse, wise woman, mystic, coach, connector; and author of "Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman." She loves Michael and cats, morning walks, sunshine, beaches, art fairs, animals, nature, music, books, beauty, coffee, and laughter. Professionally, she has lived a well-seasoned mix of experience, academic degrees (religious studies), courses, seminars, and certifications: legal, administrative, parish ministry, human resources, wellness educating, life coaching, and business ownership / entrepreneurship. Anne Wondra is the owner-creator and founder of WonderSpirit, LLC and All Things Anne Wondra.

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