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Insights From an Overloaded Nervous System

Everyday goddess Nancy Nicholas shared these insights on ‘Overload’ recently. I know she’s not the only creative who ever feels overloaded, so I’m sharing. Thank you, Nancy.

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Sun over Lake with TreesAs a highly sensitive empathic person, I know the consequences quite well for becoming overloaded.  My adrenals and nervous system are very sensitive and when they are overtaxed, I feel lousy.  In my zest to create, do and heal, I forgot just how lousy overload feels.  I let myself fall into a place where there was no other choice but to take the steps needed to clear the adrenaline from my system and let myself recover.  That is where I was at last night (the night of the full moon in Libra which is all about balance.  How perfect is that?).  I share this because I learned a few things this time around and I thought you might find them helpful.  After all, the best approach is to avoid ending up in this state in the first place.  Something I plan on being much more vigilant about in the future. 

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