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12-12-12.  Alignment.  New energy infusion.  There’s magic in the air.  Open to it.  Soak in the warmth, sun, light.  Healing energy.  Creative energy.  Feel surrounded by love and beauty.  Heart energy.  Transforming spirit and lives.

The call, the invitation, the direction, for us, is to step into the heart and center of who we are; to allow who each of us is to become clearer; to choose from a place of love in all things; to feel our way through the lessons and path we’ve chosen here, to do the work of being our lightest selves, to live the purpose of our soul that brought us here.

There’s an interactive telephone / web conversation experience tonight for those who’d like to join me.  I call it “Making Life Count – Finding Your Life Purpose.”  It’s about seeing and recognizing the clues along the way, and tapping into the JOY…

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