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Many have moments of anxiety…and maybe some are more than moments. Nicholas is a gifted intuitive life coach, teacher, and everyday goddess who offers some wonderful, positive ways to help yourself through, including ‘Love the fear because it is the teacher.” And there’s more.

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I had a panic attack in 2002 and after spending two long years fighting anxiety, I find that it is the experience I dread the most when something upsetting happens.  If I could keep my sense of calm as I deal with things that feel challenging, I would navigate them so much easier.  After all, the reason we experience anxiety is because the body is flooding with hormones to allow us to fight or flee. So often, neither of these options is appropriate in the modern-day challenges we face.  So how do we change this pattern?  Here are a few tools that I’ve found to be very helpful.

1.  Love the fear.  I realize this seems like a crazy idea.  Why on Earth should we love the fear that is making us suffer?  Here me out though.  I found myself saying “I love the fear because it is the…

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